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Too many times we shop in our own community and the people that own those Business don’t look like us ,not from our community and don’t have our best interests in mine . And the Businesses  that really thrive in our community or Pay Day Loan company ,To help us go more into debt. This has to stop ,and we as a community must not fall into that trap. As of 2017,the population of The United State of America was 325,145,963 Can you imagine if everyone give $1.00 per day, we could open over 1000  businesses per day but I am being realistic and Believe we can open 100 Business in our Minority Community per month. This is a small Goal we can reach Together. So we are reaching out to Business owners, Sport figures, Movie Stars. And just regular citizens to participate in our dream.  Some people can give large donations to fund a whole community where they was born and raise 1 million dollars can  fund a whole community 40 New Business can be establish and one area that is hit the most with underdevelopment opportunities . We are not asking you to go at it along but if you can fund a Community That Community could  bare your name in honor of your investment .Should you want to remain anonymous we respect your wishes. Some can Donate less and would still be recognize and that community . But many others can donate small amounts and make a large impact. (One Dollar per day) Can Go a long way to help us reach our Goal . You scan specify which State you want your money to go to .Or more pacifically the Zip Code you like your donation to go to. Once we reach $25,000 in that zip Code we will select one person to receive the funds ,To open up a business in that Zip Code . That person will have to complete our training classes which we provide free of charge. They also need to comply to the PAY-IT-FORWARD program . We ex

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